Don’t Let Us Near Heavy Machinery

It’s not every day you take delivery of your very own container of Otentik sunshades. Even more rare are the occasions where we watch a 110 ton piece of machinery lift a 21,000lb container with ease. Guess who got to climb the container! =) I know what you’re thinking, and no – he did not allow me to swing down from the crane like Tarzan. I asked.

With our days warming up, and summer fast approaching, the most awesome sunshades (beach tents, sun shelters, UV ass-kickers, what have you) are flying off the shelves! Here at Outsiders USA we have many cool products, but the Otentik sunshades are our flagship product.

New and beautiful colors will be filling our shelves soon. We are huge fans of this sunshade, and honestly believe it to be very easy to setup and the best piece of beach equipment.

For the past few years we’ve worked hard to maintain our excellent customer service, even answering setup calls on the weekend. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to tell you all the reasons why we love this sunshade.

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