Ginnie Springs, A Slice of Pure Florida

Ginnie Springs Paddle Boarding Outsiders USA paddle tour

Florida has more fresh water springs than can be found anywhere else in the world. Amazing, right?! We love exploring new springs, but find ourselves returning again and again to some of our favorites. Ginnie Springs is one of them. The Devil’s Spring System includes three springs with breath-taking views that many freedivers and scuba divers flock to. It is also just a stunning place to swim, snorkel and paddle board. Weekends are packed with campers floating from spring to spring down the Santa Fe River. Ginnie is a great place for camping, with many tent sides close to the water. They also have full electric and water hook-ups for your RV camping, and over 200 wooded acres and spring-side camping sites to choose from. Be mindful that if you’re going on a weekend or a holiday it can get very busy and rowdy.

Outsiders USA offers paddle board tours at Ginnie Springs for just $35/person, including paddle board rental and personal instruction. All ages are welcome, and this is a great place for beginner paddle board trips! Make sure you bring your snorkel…you won’t want to miss out on the views!

We think the best time of year to visit Ginnie is early spring or late fall when it isn’t so crowded yet it’s still relatively warm outside. If you’ve got a wet suit and can make it during the colder months, it’s a wonderful place to have all to yourself! My favorite trip to Ginnie was in early March with a friend, where we maybe saw 5 other people in the water and perhaps a hundred turtles swimming all around. It was glorious.

Keep an eye on our schedule for paddle tours at Ginnie Springs here, and reach out if you’d like to schedule a private group tour! For more information on Ginnie Springs camping and day passes at the park, check out their website.