Otentik Sunshade One Pole Setup

Otentik Setup and Extra Poles

We are often asked whether an extra pole is helpful with the sunshade. The standard setup is with just two, and for most circumstances this is all you’ll need. The only time an extra pole is required is when there is no wind whatsoever, which is pretty rare at the beach. If there is even a slight breeze, the sunshade will lift up, providing extra room underneath.

The best setup will have the pole (or poles) placed in the direction the wind comes from. The wind doesn’t have to hit that ‘front edge’ head on; it’s OK if at least one of the poles is angled to face the oncoming wind. And upon setting it up, you’ll see if you’ve got it right by what the sunshade does.

Try It Out

First, when you place the pole, is the fabric flapping around wildly? If so, you probably need to stretch the bags out further away from the sunshade (in all 4 directions).

Second, did you place the pole in an optimal location? It should be near a corner (within a foot or so). The closer it is to the edge where the wind is coming from, the better. This will allow it to lift up instead of getting pushed down.

Lastly, if you have any questions, just give us a call! We’re very responsive to our customers, and happy to help. After many years of using the Otentik sunshade in a variety of conditions, we’re getting pretty good at it! You can reach us by email, at sales@outsidersusa.com or by phone, at 386 785 6806

Have fun out there, and get creative! =)

P.S – it’s even possible to use just one pole, to get maximum shade from those harmful UV rays, but keep it minimal! This is going to work best with a steady wind in the 5-12mph range.

P.S.S – Here’s an example of how you can connect several beach tents and how extra poles help if the wind is calm.