Otentik Sunshade Setup Tips

Otentik Sunshade Royal Blue Large

The Otentik sunshade was meant to work with the wind, and is a great beach tent solution for most wind and sun conditions. If you’re having trouble, give us a call! We are available for setup help 7 days/week.

For owners of this portable, lightweight beach canopy, long gone are the days of umbrellas barreling down the beach in an attempt to impale someone. This sunshade was meant to work with the wind, and does so very well when set up properly. Like any new product, it can take a couple tries to get it just right…hopefully these tips will help you get a solid set up on your first try.

Stretch The Sunshade Out

Move the bags away from the sunshade so that there is no slack in the fabric. Don’t worry – it’s super stretchy, amazing Eurojersey fabric! It can handle it. =) Just be careful when you move those heavy bags, so you don’t rip the fabric (especially if they’re a properly full bag weighing 20-25+ lbs!). Do so by lifting from the bottom, and not pulling on the cinched part.

You’ll know it’s stretched enough if the fabric and ropes are taut, with the bags pulled out in all four directions.


Full Sand Bags

Most importantly, the sand bags need to be full and heavy! They should look about the size of a basketball, albeit a squishy one. After placing the poles, make sure the bags aren’t sliding towards the sunshade…if they are, just bury or barricade the bags with sand, after you’ve placed the poles in the proper location.




Pole Location

The poles should be placed about 6-12″ in from the corner, and close to the windward edge (facing the wind direction). This will help the sunshade to billow up, rather than get pushed down by the wind. The pressure of the fabric will hold the poles in place, so long as you’ve filled the bags and stretched it enough. You do NOT need to push the poles down into the sand, or have them at an angle. That won’t help your setup, and may result in a broken or bent pole.

This is how a large should look when setup in high winds.

And here’s another example of a medium Otentik sunshade in a decent breeze.

If you’re having trouble, get in touch and we’ll help you sort it out. Setting up in high winds can be tricky, but it is definitely doable. We’re here to help! =)

~ Outsiders USA
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    • Ella Ran says:

      Hey Drew,
      Sorry about the delayed response…somehow I missed your question! When the sun is low in the sky, we usually put the poles on the opposite side, to keep the lower side towards the sun. You may end up sitting outside of the tent but in the shade. Early morning and late evening without wind will be the times when you need to get creative with your setup, but luckily UV is lower during those times. If you want to see how it looks with the sun at your back, here’s a great example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BP7vo0Rh09l/

      Give us a call if you need any help! (386) 785 6806
      ~Outsiders Team

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