Our Story:

We live adventurous lives and love being outdoors. The Outsiders team is made up of two outgoing families: the Rans and the Stewarts. The company began its journey as the USA distributor for Otentik Sunshades, a beach tent designed and made in Israel. In addition to being incredibly useful in protecting us from the sun on all our adventures, we valued the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and their community. Whether it’s in the products we carry or how we go about our day-to-day business, these values continue to be a driving factor.

We are excited to introduce our loyal customers to other incredible brands, and hope to see you around the shop, at the beach or on the water!

Ella Ran
Managing Partner / Marketing Director

When Ella isn’t prancing through the alleyway in the afternoon FL rainstorms, doing yoga or paddling with the fam damily, she’s gettin’ shit done. Ella has held several titles in media and marketing, including writing, editing, event organizer, project coordinator and product developer. She is passionate about extreme sports, leading an adventurous life and having a positive impact on others.

Renee Stewart
Managing Partner / Customer whisperer

Renee is our resident goofball,
who excels at making customers happy (pronounced “hepeh”).
When she’s not tending to our customers’ every need, she’s chillin’ with her three minions at the beach, climbing, or paddling our beautiful Florida waterways.

Our Mission:

Inspire healthier and more active communities by connecting people with quality outdoor products, create opportunities to effect positive change and lead the way for conscious businesses.

Our Core Values:


Inspire people to be more active and get outdoors.


To enhance engagement and reduce stress by maintaining a lasting work and life balance.


Be mindful of our impact and always work towards reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.


To aim for the highest quality in the products we offer, the relationships we create and experiences we provide.


Create a positive work environment that is fun and inviting and supports personal and professional growth.


Provide opportunities for community enrichment and be a leader for positive change.