Otentik sunshade setup: High Winds

Large Purple Otentik Sunshade

For Otentik sunshade owners, long gone are the days of umbrellas barreling down the beach in an attempt to impale someone. This bebe was meant to work with the wind, and does so very well when set up properly. Like any new product, it can take a couple tries to get it just right…with these tips, we’ll have you looking like the happy people in this photo (on a 25mph wind day)!

Full sand bags

Most importantly, the sand bags need to be full and heavy! Wet sand is heavier and won’t require as much. After placing the poles, make sure the bags aren’t sliding towards the sunshade…if they are, they’re not heavy enough. Bury or barricade the bags with sand, for extra stability.

Stretch sunshade

Move the bags away from the sunshade so that there is no slack in the fabric. Don’t worry – it’s super stretchy, amazing Eurojersey fabric! It can handle it. =) Just be careful when you move those heavy bags, so you don’t rip the fabric (especially if they’re a properly full bag weighing 20-25+ lbs!).

Ways to know it’s not stretched enough:

    • the fabric is sagging down in the front, creating a dip
    • it’s flapping around in the wind

Place poles near corners

Placing the poles close to the corners will help the sunshade to billow up, rather than get pushed down by the wind. Also, you can wrap the pole ‘sleeves’ around the top, where the ball is placed under the fabric. This’ll help you keep track of them, and prevent the poles from falling. To do so, just wrap the fabric around the top and tuck it into itself.

Here’s a video of a medium on a decently windy afternoon. Here’s a large on an even windier one!

And here’s another example of an Otentik sunshade in high winds.

If you’re having trouble, get in touch and we’ll help you sort it out. Setting up in high winds can be tricky, but it is definitely doable. We’re here to help! =)

~Ella (aka Big Kahuna) & the Otentik USA team