We do our best to be awesome by you, and exceed your expectations. However, don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a collection of reviews from our customers, from various channels. No paid reviews…just real customer experiences.

We were vacationing in Hilton Head and the people next to us had the large sun shade told us about it and we ordered 2 and had them over nighted. It was the best beach purchased. Easy to set up our 3 year old daughter even helped.

Katie Sperdute / Facebook Review

So much easier than any other shade we have tried. On a very blustery day, this shade was the only one left standing on the beach. I was hesitant about a darker color, but we ended up with chocolate brown & I can say it was very cool under that dark shade…my mom made everyone in the family stand in the sun & then under the shade to see how cool it was. Will probably be picking up a smaller one to keep at home for when it’s just me & not the whole family!

Jenn Maurer / Facebook Review

The bet sunshade EVER !!!!. Great customer service, contacted them on a holiday weekend and got two live rsponses(one while I was still on the beach). Packs so small and light. Easy set up. Great in wind. My friends are ready to buy there own. Well worth the money.

James Wainwright / Facebook Review

I’m so impressed we have a local business that took the lead to organize an effort that will improve one of Florida’s greatest assets – our shoreline. When a company puts energy into improving our natural places they will have my business. Thank you Outsiders USA! You now have my support.

Aimee Kay / Facebook Review

Think you can’t go out on a paddle board trip because you’ve got a 2-year-old in tow wherever you go? Think again! Took our toddler on the most amazing paddle board experience with Outsiders USA. There was a little seat on the board so she could watch the fish, monkeys and turtles, and while she was nervous at the start she had both feet dragging in the water like a pro by the end. And I only fell in once, much to her amusement.

An incredible family day out that we’ll always remember – thank you.

Jude Macdonald / Facebook Review

Love this place! Awesome people and always fun vibes. I now have a couple of Otentik tents that are perfect for chilling and especially for our outdoor yoga gatherings….AND I have finally found the water bottle i have been looking for!! LOVE my Avex bottle! Thanks Lovelies!

Emma Tranter / Facebook Review

Bought this instead of a $99 quick shade tent because they get broken so easily. Great decision. I can set this thing up on the beach in 10 minutes by myself. Otentik should have given this too me for free because I bet I sold 25 of these this week alone. I see why they incluse business cards in the box. Almost every person that passed it took a picture and asked me about it. Super happy with it.

Things I learned after my first attempt to use this product.

1. Stretch this thing well past what you think is normal. The first time I was afraid it was going to rip. It wont. Trust me.

2. Stuff the sand bags super full. They stretch too.

3. Keep the poles close to the corners.

Ryan Hall / Amazon Review

This shade is amazing. I want to start by saying their customer service department is great. I emailed asking about their colors and got a quick reponse. I wanted to add extra poles after placing my order win amazon and they hooked it up and threw him in my original amazon package to save on shipping. Took my fiancé and I less than 5 minutes to set up once on he beach and it was super easy. We got out on the beach around 9am and stayed until 6pm each day and if it wasn’t for this shade we wouldn’t have lasted that long. Everyone that brought out the big bulky metal canopys that took 2 people to carry stared at us like we were crazy when we pulled out our very small and light sunshade bag but we’re laughing and amazed when we created this huge area of shade to relax under. Several people came up and asked for the name so they could buy one so hopefully this company will see more orders come in. We went with a large which was more than enough for 4 adults to have all their gear under and also have room to eat and play cards. I strongly recommend the 2 extra poles to create a lot of head room for tall people at the end of the day when everyone is tired of sitting. We also bought a Cgear sand free multi mat. These 2 product together are a must for the beach.

S. Davis / Amazon Review

Total game changer. You remember the first time you got in a car with a GPS you were like, “This is a total game changer. Everybody is going to be using this in a year.” Thats hose so feel about this sunshade. After four umbrellas breaking in the wind over the last two years, I was fed up. I searched and found this amazing Otentik sunshade and bought one as soon as I saw the YouTube videos. We used it ourselves this weekend and it really was everything we had hoped for. Super easy to put up, held up in the Jersey shore gusts of wind, and happily covered us and all of our stuff all day. The kids filled and emptied the sandbags for us by the third day in about thirty seconds. We are thrilled. Actually heading out to the each right now to go use it! 🙂 In the posted video it’s 6pm and the sun is going down, so the shade is to the side. You’ll see my 5’4 daughter easily waking in and out to get some toys out of the cart.

Theresa / Amazon Review