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Prepare for your beach season or next trip with these must-have essentials for your time outside!

Having shade while you’re at the beach is for many a top priority. However, you don’t want to haul around a heavy beach tent that’s difficult or impossible to setup by yourself. Our Otentik Sunshades are incredibly popular not just for their stylish appearance, but primarily for how compact and lightweight they are and ease of setup. With a proper setup these beach tents can withstand higher winds than your typical 10×10 sunshades. They are made in Israel from high-quality, eco conscious Italian manufacturer Eurojersey.

We believe in keeping things simple, in supporting small businesses and those who are conscious of our effects on the environment. Nomadix’s ultralight travel towels and 4Ocean’s bracelets are made from post-consumer recycled trash and bottles. United By Blue’s pledged to remove 1 lb of trash for every product sold, and host cleanups around the country.

Everything we carry we use and love ourselves, and we’re confident you will too!


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Waterproof Phone Tote


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Wave Poncho – Dunas


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Wave Poncho – Move


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Wave Style Poncho Flow


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