Ukulele Group Lessons

At Outsiders we are always looking for those must have items for your outdoor adventures. When our small shop opened in Historic Downtown DeLand, our focus was on essential outdoor gear. Ukuleles were a natural addition as they are relatively easy to learn and transport. I mean…who doesn’t love singing songs around the camp fire?

We were a little surprised at how much people love hearing and playing the ukulele, and often it’s the thing that draws people into our shop! Our group lessons grew out of a desire to get together and improve our technique and skills while having fun in a relaxed setting. Each lesson is appropriate for beginners.

Our lessons teach you how to hold and strum the ukulele properly. Each one incorporates new chords and strumming patterns while working on a song together. By the end of the lesson you’ll be playing along and then go home with new material to continue your practice.

We offer an option for those who don’t yet have a ukulele or know if it’s something they’re interested in. So you can attend the lesson for $15 and BYO (bring your own) ukulele, or pay $20 for the lesson and we will provide one for you.

In order to keep the quality of learning high, we limit each lesson to a maximum of eight participants. You can sign up ahead of time to save your spot. Kids are welcome, but we ask parents to stay for the duration of the lesson.


Second and fourth Fridays of each month

5:30pm – 6:30pm

$15 BYO ukulele

$20 Use one of our ukuleles

Sign up HERE

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! =)

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