Alexander Springs Run

Alexander Springs with Outsiders USA


Alexander Springs Recreation Area is located between Astor and Altoona to the east of SR 19 and the west of the St. Johns River and CR 445-A.

Where to launch:

We launch from under the CR 445-A bridge, and paddle upstream to the Alexander Springs Recreation Area.


No fees to launch from the bridge. There is a $2 fee to be paid to the park when you arrive there.

What to bring:

Enough water for a few hours in the sun


Depending on skill level, this paddle shouldn’t take more than 1 hour each way. It’s 1.2 miles each way, with the current helping you on the way back. We recommend taking 3 hours, so you have some time to swim and relax in the gorgeous swimming area at Alexander.




2.5 miles round trip

Things to see:

The gently sloped crystal-clear swimming area is perfect for kids to play and swim. The water is a constant 72°F and incredibly clear. Surrounded by a floodplain forest of maples, sweetgum and cabbage palms, this recreation area feels almost tropical. There’s a concession stand and restrooms, and plenty of area for BBQ-ing. Overall, this is a great place to spend some time with family and friends.

Best time:

It can get pretty crowded in the spring and summer months, which are the best times (weather-wise) to visit. Planning to get there earlier in the day is always best, though there may be a good crowd even by mid-day.


Alexander Springs Paddleboarding with Outsiders USA

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