Silver Springs

Where to launch:

Silver Springs State Park
5656 E Silver Springs Blvd, Silver Springs, FL 34488
Drive right when entering the parking lot towards the launch/unloading area


If you want to rent directly from the park, visit their website.
BYOB – $4 launch fee + $2 per person entrance into State Park
Rules (park/state/fed)

What to bring:

Board & Paddle
Life Jacket
Camera (for Monkeeeeez!)


1-2 hours minimum (if doing the short loop)
Longer if you want to paddle down Fort King Waterway


Beginner – Intermediate

There is a bit of a current paddling up stream (~3.5 MPH) to it will require constant paddling but isn’t very difficult. There are glass bottom boats out on the waterway so it’s important to keep an eye out from traffic.


The loop is about 2 miles – But you can paddle down the waterway so you’re going with the stream (continue straight under the bridge, instead of turning right).

Things to see:

Silver Springs is a 1st Magnitude Spring averaging about 359 million gallons per day. The water near the spring head is stunning, crystal clear and a beautiful turquoise blue. Near the spring head be sure to paddle out by the boats to see statues underwater. There is a sunken ship and many blue holes worth paddling over. When going through the canal look for monkeys, alligators, birds and many turtles. Monkeys are not always a guarantee, but we’ve seen them about every other time we go. If you hear them, they’re nearby.

Best time:

The park opens at 8am. We’ve seen the monkeys more often on weekdays and in the early afternoon or when it’s warm. The waterways are pretty wide in a lot of places, and not too much traffic, but as always if you want a quieter paddle go on the weekdays or early.