2,794 lbs collected, and counting!

Since Nov. of 2017, we’ve held three cleanups and collected 2,794 lbs of trash and recyclables off the beaches and streets. These cleanups have been a joint effort between our business, and our great friends at Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co¬†

The first cleanup saw nearly 300 volunteers attend, some driving more than an hour to join us. Attendance and trash collected exceeded all our expectations, and got us a write up in the West Volusia Beacon.

At a smaller cleanup through our streets of delightful Downtown DeLand, we had around 30 people help us collect 330 lbs of trash. A third cleanup, this time in Daytona Beach, had around 200 people and a whopping 1,600 lbs of trash collected! We didn’t even cover more than a mile of the world’s most famous beach. Needless to say, we’ll be taking more cleanups back to Daytona, as it clearly needs our help!

To date, that makes 2,794 lbs of trash and recycling picked up and we couldn’t be more proud. Our goal for 2018 was set at 5,000 lbs collected. Maybe we should be upping that to 10k? =)

To join our email list for future cleanups, send us an email or contact us here. We also post all cleanup events on the website and on our Facebook page. Hope to see you out there!

~ Outsiders
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